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    Abstract dog art

    Dog mosaic made by Sarah Berry in her studio in France. This cheeky chap will add character to any wall of your home or office, and will definitely brighten your day! I love to work with colour and/or texture, so this piece of mosaic wall art definitely fits into the brightly coloured category. Made for indoor use, this wall art is ready for hang with a D-ring on the back. ✅ In stock 📦 Can be posted worldwide
    Wall art mosaic with striking black and white glass and mirror. With an abstract design, this monochrome artwork is a beautiful addition to your wall, framed and ready to hang. I've tried to add a little sense of 'vintage' styling to the piece as well and I hope you like it. Dimensions: 15cm x 20cm x 3cm deep. ✅ In stock 📦 Can be posted worldwide
  • This floral mixed media mosaic has been made using a mixture of glass tile, stained glass and ceramic pieces, and finished off with some one-off shapes to give extra 'pizazz' and depth. The mosaic edge has been finished with a copper foil tape and my aluminium logo to prove authenticity. Due to the nature of glass, there is a lovely sparkle and light reflection when walking past this item hanging. It certainly catches your eye and will brighten any room in your home or office. Dimensions: 12cm wide x 25cm high  3cm deep Well packaged for transit Worldwide delivery
  • This driftwood wall sculpture was a fun piece to create! Using driftwood and collected beach finds from the local coastline of south-west France, some mosaic elements including glass and beads - this piece came together seamlessly. It's fun and I think each person will see something different in it...that's what abstract art is after all! There is foiling behind the large orange glass bead in the centre, copper leaf and some smaller shell pieces with mother of pearl which all add a little sparkle to this wall art. This artwork is ready to hand with a D-ring on the back. ✅ In stock 📦 Can be posted worldwide

    Ginger cat mosaic

    This cute ginger cat picture will brighten any wall in your home or office. Made using mosaic glass pieces, beads and wire, this framed wall art is ready to hang with a hook on the reverse.   ✅ In stock 📦 Can be posted worldwide
  • Happy Place

    Do you have a dark corner in your home that you'd like to brighten up? Well, here is the answer to your problem! This bright and colourful contemporary wall art mosaic with the words "Happy Place" is waiting just for you! Hand-made to the highest quality, this oblong mosaic wall panel will really brighten any room in your home! The colours are zingy and bright, and the orange grout really brings out all of the different tones. (I especially like the little mille fleuri rounds with smiley faces!) I have also added some copper foil to the edges of this mosaic, so it adds a reflective element and finishes it off perfectly. Made using a lightweight substrate, glass tiles, tesserae, beads and wire, this artwork is ready to hang with D-ring on the back. For me, using bright colours takes me to my 'Happy Place' - where is your Happy Place? Maybe I can interpret this into a mosaic commission for you....send me a message! :-) ✅ In stock 📦 Can be posted worldwide.
  • Jewellery Wall Art - Indian style decor made in mosaic. This mosaic has been made using lots of different materials, including stained glass, glass tiles and some old jewellery, and creates a fabulous textured wall art piece. For this mosaic wall art, I have repurposed lots of old jewellery items, in fact, the starting point was the central jewellery pendant, and the rest of the design developed bit by bit using more of the beads that was part of the same necklace plus other beads and gems that I collect to repurpose into mixed media artworks. I used the indigo and orange / bronze colours of the central pendant to enhance the rest of the design - and the colours compliment each other perfectly. The tile board used here is 2.5cm thick, and I have edged it with a brown glass tile that has some bronze and copper flecks. The remaining edge is finished with a copper foil tape, which also ties the orange into the front design and which gives a beautiful reflective sheen under a light. The design reflects an Indian style decor, with a mandala-feel - and I have clients who also say it reminds them of a jewelled dream-catcher too. I guess the beauty of these contemporary textured wall artworks is that each person feels and sees something they love in it. If my mosaic art evokes emotions in people, I am happy. ☺️ Hand-made to the highest quality, this round mosaic is 35cm diameter and will add a funky vibe to any wall in your home or office. All wall art mosaics you see on this shop are made by Sarah Berry (Berry Créatif) in her studio in south-west France. Size: 35cm diameter and 3cm deep.
  • Mixed media mosaic wall art in bright summery colours.

    ? Are you missing the sunshine? Well this piece of mosaic artwork should fill that void! It is brightly coloured, and made using colours that represent (in my opinion) sunshine, warmth and water ☀️ ? ?. I have therefore titled this piece "Summer Holiday". "Summer Holiday" is a bright and colourful contemporary wall art mosaic and has an added metallic copper foil tape around the edge to give that little extra. It has been hand-made to the highest quality and will definitely brighten any room in your home. Size: Oval shape, 16 cm wide x 25 cm high x 2.5 cm deep Please note: The original version of this mosaic has been sold and remakes of this artwork may vary slightly in colouring and positioning of the small mosaic pieces. As a new creation, time is required to make this artwork especially for you  (If you would like small adjustments in colour, please add details at the time of ordering).
  • Pretty white flower mosaic wall art for your garden. These white flowers and intertwining green shoots and leaves have been added to recycled slate to give a pretty hanging wall art for your home, garden, terrace or back yard. The white stained glass petals have been cut from irridescent glass, so every time you move around this artwork it shimmers and reflects the light. A small amount of gold leaf has also been added to one of the flowers, for added interest. It really is gorgeous! This mosaic item has been made using weatherproof materials, so it is suitable for outdoor use. ☀️ ? Dimensions: 22 cm high x 18 cm wide. This item can be hung using the twine at the top. In stock and ready for shipping.


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