About the artist

Bonjour ! I’m Sarah Berry, a British mosaic artist living in south-west France.

I run a mosaic studio in the small, rural town of Secondigny, France. I’m fascinated by contrasts between form, colour and texture, and I draw inspiration daily from my rural surroundings.

I find the mindful method of mosaic-making very calming, and I love to encourage others to give it a try in regular workshops run from my studio.

Sarah Berry in black and white standing in front of a large mandala hanging on a stone textured wall

Born to be Creative

I have always made things…as a little girl swinging her legs at the dining room chair, I was forever cutting, sticking and painting cardboard toilet roll tubes, empty cereal packets and washing up bottles! In all honesty, back then, what I was making didn’t matter – it was the making that was important to me.

Now 40 years later, I’m still making things, although the materials have developed a little! The ‘making’ is still the passion for me, but the cherry on the cake is the customer’s pleasure in seeing what I have created for them.

I discovered mosaic about 25 years ago when I was bought a kit as a birthday present. It was a fish and I remember loving every second of that ‘make’. The final item went to live in my parent’s bathroom and is still there now, after 3 house moves.

That kit started my passion, and there was no looking back! With my vast understanding of materials from a previous job, I was able to start mixing other materials into the standard glass mosaic tile artworks and getting some exciting results. Knowing how materials will react to outdoor temperatures and humidity is vital to creating a piece of outdoor mosaic art/sculpture that will stand the test of time.

Working on a special garden sculpture

Mosaic kit which started the passion…