Mosaic workshops

The studio of Sarah Berry, Berry Créatif in 79130 Secondigny is a clean and comfortable space where you are able to be creative with others and make mosaic. It is open to all adults and children (supervised) aged 8 years and above. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mosaicist, Sarah will encourage and support you during your mosaic journey.

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photo looking down on the craft toable with three people working around it, making mosaics

Once a month, learn and make
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These workshops are available from Tuesday to Saturday, starting at 10am or 2.30pm. Spaces in the workshop are limited, so booking is advised.

There are a number of different wooden (MDF) bases available to you, and you are welcome to choose the shape and size that best suits you. The estimated time to make a mosaic varies, depending on the chosen size. Please estimate 1-1.5 hours for a smaller shape, 1.5-2 hours for a medium sized shape, and 2-2.5 hours for a larger shape.

Workshop price is charged per person and depends on the size of wooden shape.
Prices: 14€ to 35€.


Step 1: Choose your wooden base

Step 2: Choose the tiles you want to use from the huge selection available

Step 3: Use the glue and tools on the table to stick the tiles to the base

Step 4: When finished; hand your item to Sarah. When the glue is dry, she will grout it for you.

Step 5: Return to collect your finished item (usually after 2 or 3 days) OR request it to be posted to you (for a small extra charge)


My studio is open to all….come and use my studio space as your own.
If you enjoy making mosaics and have projects in mind, or already in progress, you may be looking for studio space away from home. If you have a space at home to make your creations, you will probably find the materials and tools take over many a room in your home! I can help by offering my studio space to you. Come for 2 hour sessions, use the space, use all available materials, use all tools and machines, ask my advice and store your works in progress securely with me until your next visit. Space in the workshop is limited, so please book your slot.

Open Studio sessions are charged per 2 hours, and discounts are available per 5 x 2hrs or 10 x 2hrs.

Price: 2hr session 28€
5 x 2hr sessions: 130€ ~ or ~ 10 x 2hr sessions: 250€


Once a month I organise a one-day group workshop. This is the opportunity to learn how to make a specific mosaic object in a friendly environment. These mosaic items can vary from wall art, to 3D objects, outdoor garden decor, or seasonal decorations. The calendar opposite gives a brief outline of the future workshops planned.

These workshops are for a maximum of 6 people.
Prices can vary depending on the specific mosaic item we will make, what materials are required, and how much preparation work is required for each specific workshop.

Workshop prices include the use of a clean and comfortable studio space, all materials, use of all tools, teaching and advice by an experienced mosaicist, tea/coffee and you will take home your hand-crafted mosaic object.



hanging snowflake decoration with mirror and blue sparkles

Afternoon workshop.  Saturday 2nd December.
All materials included, take away your creation!


All day workshop. Friday 8th December.
All materials included, take away your creation!