Jewellery Wall Art - Indian style decor made in mosaic. This mosaic has been made using lots of different materials, including stained glass, glass tiles and some old jewellery, and creates a fabulous textured wall art piece. For this mosaic wall art, I have repurposed lots of old jewellery items, in fact, the starting point was the central jewellery pendant, and the rest of the design developed bit by bit using more of the beads that was part of the same necklace plus other beads and gems that I collect to repurpose into mixed media artworks. I used the indigo and orange / bronze colours of the central pendant to enhance the rest of the design - and the colours compliment each other perfectly. The tile board used here is 2.5cm thick, and I have edged it with a brown glass tile that has some bronze and copper flecks. The remaining edge is finished with a copper foil tape, which also ties the orange into the front design and which gives a beautiful reflective sheen under a light. The design reflects an Indian style decor, with a mandala-feel - and I have clients who also say it reminds them of a jewelled dream-catcher too. I guess the beauty of these contemporary textured wall artworks is that each person feels and sees something they love in it. If my mosaic art evokes emotions in people, I am happy. ☺️ Hand-made to the highest quality, this round mosaic is 35cm diameter and will add a funky vibe to any wall in your home or office. All wall art mosaics you see on this shop are made by Sarah Berry (Berry Créatif) in her studio in south-west France. Size: 35cm diameter and 3cm deep.