Mosaic Signs and logos for Home and Business

What better way to attract customers to your business or home, than to have your very own mosaic sign or logo!

All mosaic signs are designed especially for you – and can be installed at the chosen location. I can prepare signs for hanging flat to a surface, hanging at right-angle to the surface/wall, glueing to a wall (sitting proud) or to be set into the wall…or of course free-standing !

All custom signage are made using waterproof materials and I will always take extra steps to ensure my products fair well throughout the seasons for years to come.

All wall-hanging mosaic signs are made using a lightweight tile-board (or a dense foam for sculptures), and are coated with an external adhesive product, giving a strong base for the mosaic tiles to be added on top. Waterproof grout is used and a sealant will always be added to finish the item, ready for its new home.

As with all my mosaic artwork, the workmanship is excellent and each step has been done correctly to ensure a quality, long lasting product.

Here are some recent examples of mosaic signs and logos.  They show a variety of sizes. Please click on individual photos for enlarged size.

mosaic signs

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