Restaurant Signage

This 1m diameter sign was made for the restaurant La Petite Noisette in Vernoux-en-Gatine, Deux-Sevres.

I used a water-resistant tile board, cut in a circle 1m in diameter. The unglazed porcelain tiles were cut and laid onto the board with an external adhesive. The star of the design – the hazelnut – was created with many variants of glass and stoneware mosaics and the variety of tile fragments allow the light to reflect and bounce. These elements were cut and laid in the direction to show the lines of the hazelnut.

I grouted the joints with 3 different colour water repellant grouts: dark grey, terracotta and white. The sign was carefully installed onto the brick wall using four metal fixings through the board into perfectly aligned holes. After the sign was secured to the wall, I used the last of the ceramic tiles to cover the holes and hide the fixings.


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